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My Daily five

I am thankful for:

  1. Like the day before, I want to thank Netjer my parents, my beloveds and my guardian among the Ntrw (Netjeru)

  2. For Wepwawet for his special role in my life.

  3. Mom being alive and still being able to talk to me.

  4. The coffeemate, peanut butter and potato bread that Martin bought me today.

  5. My telephone conversation with S. today (additional ones)
  6. Reaching a point where my computer really does look like a Mac.
  7. Serqet and Sekhmet for helping me realize that some people judge others by a different set of standards then they judge their friends in current standing. It's not hypocrisy in the accepted sense because they do not even realise that they are actually engaging in this type of behaviour.
  8. coffee.
  9. Those who survived the bombing of London.
  10. Confronting Clement, showing my tough side and coming out of the encounter much more empowered than prior to my experiencing it.
  11. Orkin.
  12. Laughter and humor.
  13. Netjer
  14. Wepwawet, Opener and Closer of the Ways.
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