Striking Illuminations (nemtetsemnewty) wrote in ntjrsabundance,
Striking Illuminations

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My Daily five

I am thankful for:

  1. The tweeking I was able to do on my pc to make it look and preform more like a Mac.

  2. The food I got today and the $4.00 check that came to me personally.

  3. The Artwork that I was able to finish to the best of my ability.

  4. Mother survived another day.

  5. Orkin came and will come back on Friday.
  6. Senni and I had a conversation.
  7. Luellon and I could talk.
  8. SekhmetMeset and I chatted on aim.
  9. I was able to give some ideas to Rekhet about her scar.
  10. Kai Imakhu Niankh Sekhmet commented on my l.j.
  11. That I have such great parents, beloveds and root guardians among the Ntrw (Netjeru).
  12. Life

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