Striking Illuminations (nemtetsemnewty) wrote in ntjrsabundance,
Striking Illuminations

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My Daily five

I am thankful for:

  1. My parents, beloveds and guardian among the Netjeru (Ntrw)

  2. My mom is alive

  3. That I had $169.00 to pay out of pocket for mom's feeding bags to make up for the bags that somehow vanished (all 13 of them). Each bag costs $13.00.
  4. Tasha and Leepoola

  5. That I was able to get Trojan Hunter and find so many Trojans in my system.

  6. That maximkovalenko has given me links to so many great software products.
  7. I got to speak to E. today. (if you are reading this, love you hon.)

That's it for tonight.
Night all.
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